Sunday, April 14, 2013

Northeast Park Shopping Center September 24

Our Tuesday meeting was moved to Monday for a full-meeting obedience session with Puppy Raising Services Field Services Representative Jen, held in the glamorous Northeast Park Shopping Center parking lot. Despite the mundane location, the meeting was full of great information as we learned to do our "come" recall command in a new way using treats, placing a treat in our closed right fist, holding the fist in front of our leg, and calling the dog to come to the target created by our fist before rewarding with a treat.

I know I'm biased, but I think everyone would agree that a highlight of the meeting was watching my own calm and relaxed puppy, Mars...

turn into a crazed fool when he encountered the treat lady (Jen). It seemed like the meeting would be over before Mars ever settled down, but he finally did. Way to make your AC look good, Mars!

Here are some of the good pups listening calmly to Jen and watching Mars's antics – Nigel with Ellen, Trapper with John, Maggie with Jeff, and Popi (Mars's brother) with Ric and Betty Jo.

And here are some shots showing just how attentive our pups get when there are treats involved!
Here's Lacey with Liz...

 Sasha with Annie...

And Zoe with Alexis.

I think the raisers enjoyed themselves. I know the puppies did!

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