Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Pier September 15

We've been hearing for years that The Pier in St. Petersburg will close down, so every now and then we have a meeting to say farewell to The Pier, but it always seems to be there. I think this time it's for real, though, so we picked our Saturday meeting in September to give it one last look (maybe).

We usually start off with a ride on the trolley from the parking lot, but wouldn't you know, the trolleys weren't running when our meeting started, so we started off with a long walk instead. We settled in the food court for some announcements before heading outside for some obedience on a beautiful day. Then we took some time to explore the fisherman on the wooden docks and nearby pelicans as well as the shops and elevators and the upper deck with its fantastic views of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg.

Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures, but here's one of Brandon handling Otis and Jeff handling Maggie (plus either Hayden or Sasha) with the sun and the water to give an idea of what we will miss when The Pier goes away.

A new pier is slated to replace the old, so look for pictures from that meeting sometime in the (probably very distant) future.

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